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Dobrodošli ! 

("Dobrodoshli") that means welcome

I will often be missing, not enough time for equid...


Rada imam Slovenija in Ljubljana

Discover that great Slovenian band that I love , on youtube : Zadnji poljub, Razlog , Padam v ljubezen , Najlepša Pesem, Tako lepo si zlomila mi srce (nice love songs), no more war (in English, sad real subject but beautiful song)
I have fallen in love with their musics and the voice of the singer Boštjan (on the videos) I love them     
In slovenian language : j we say "i"; g it is always"gueu" (never "ge" as it is in french), we pronounce all letters in words but it is special for j in some words we don't pronounce it

Najlepša --> "nalepsha", that means the most beautiful

it's a little hard but it is beautiful as it is, on my forum there is some basic Slovenian

I love so much Slovenian language and Slovenia





I lived in Ljubljana.
English is my second language, I've got some Slovenian knowledge through 12 months of work in Slovenia. So you can practice your English with me ! It's always a pleasure to meet nice people on equideow ! I am a PhD student, I don't want to tell so much about myself here, through messages ok with people I know a little on equideow

I play only on Gaia

I have not enough time for equideow. Please don't send me useless messages (sell of horses who are not in public sales, suggestions of purchases, nonsense...) I will skip. 

I don't have so much time for the game...
Price of my horses in public sales is negociable even if it's not written only if you propose a good price, otherwise I will skip.

I usually look for (Gaia) :


I sometimes look for (Gaia) :


On Ouranos I have these objects to exchange in order to receive the same on Gaia :

sang-meduse.pngboite-pandore.pngrayon-helios.pngtalon-achille.pngsablier-chronos.pnglyre-apollon.pngcaresse-philotes.pngorchidee-noire.png  fleche-artemis.pngcouverture-hypnos.pngeau-jouvence.png